About the journal

Theme of the journal

One of the main activities of the association is the publication of a scientific and technical journal on power supply problems. In it you can get information about new developments, the creation and application of the element base, the development and application of special devices and complexes for modeling and testing of power supply systems.

Topics of the journal include the following areas:

"Power supply" journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, information-precision manufacturing techniques and mass communications.

Certificate of registration
of mass media No.
of August 26, 2010
FS 77-41788
ISSN: 2541-8882

The journal is indexed in RISC https://elibrary.ru/title_about.asp?id=53024

Founder and pulisher:
Association of Developers, Manufactures and Consumers of Power Supply Devices "Elektropitanie"


Khalyutin Sergey P., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Deputy editor-in-chief

Kharitonov Sergey A., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Editional board members

Garganeev A. G., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Grekhov I. V., Academician of RAS

Gubanov U. A., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Davidov A. O., Dr. Sci. Tech., Senior Researcher

Dmitrikov V. F., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Eremenko V. G., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Ismagilov F. R., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Kapel'ko K. V., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Kovalev K. L., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Kolosov V. A., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Kostikov V. G., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Penkin V. T., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

Polikarpov A. G., Dr. Sci. Tech., Prof.

125167 Russia, Moscow,
4th Street8 March, 6,
tel. (+7495) 255-36-35 ext. 330.

The working languages of the journal are Russian and English

History of the journal

History of the journal At the initial stage of the Association "Power supply" activity after its official registration 01.03.1991, work was carried out, provided by the Protocol of the meeting of founders of 28.01.1991.It included the formation of the structure of the Executive body, the creation and staffing of the Scientific and technical Council(STC) of the leading experts in the field of power supply, legal registration of information and publishing activities. After the formation of the STC and registration of the printing body in the form of a collection of works by the Chairman of the STC and the chief editor of the scientific and technical collection of the General meeting of members of the Association was elected doctor of technical sciences, Professor Yuri Konev.

Reviewing manuscripts of scientific articles

The procedure for reviewing manuscripts of scientific articles submitted to the editorial office of the electronic journal 1. All scientific articles submitted to the editorial Board of the journal "Power supply" are subject to mandatory double-blind peer review. 2. The editor-in-chief of the journal determines the compliance of the article with the journal profile and design requirements. Based on the recommendations of the editorial Board, the editor sends it for review to specialists, doctors or candidates of science, who have the closest scientific specialization to the topic of the article and publications in this field for the last 3 years.

Rules of registration of articles

The editorial Board of the scientific and technical journal "Power supply" informs that since 2017 the journal accepts only original articles in Russian or English, containing scientific results or technical developments, as well as review articles on the subject of the journal, not previously published in other publications. Each article submitted to the editorial Board may be published in the next issue of the journal if there is a full set of documents after external review and if the decision of the editorial Board is positive. The editorial Board will not consider articles that are in violation of the requirements listed below.

Publishing Ethics

Publication ethics and malpractice statement The editorial Board of the journal "Power supply" follows the ethical standards adopted by the international scientific community and does everything to prevent any violations of these standards. In its activities, the editorial Board relies, in particular, on the recommendations of the Committee on ethics of scientific publications (Committee of Publication Ethics).